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Words of Praise

I feel so lucky to have had the time we spent together. You are so intelligent and compassionate. You really do know how to have a conversation but at the same time, integrate really valuable techniques that I could easily integrate into my life.

You helped me tremendously from the very first session. I learned how to calm myself down, how to understand what I'm thinking and  how I'm engaging in my patterns.

I would recommend you to anyone looking to put an extra element of optimism in their lives, people who need a good life coach but wants a more powerful foundation than regular life coaching.

From where I started a few short weeks with you, just to get to the point where I am now, feeling energized, happy and optimistic about where I could go in my life... It's just been an amazing experience. I feel that so many things are different. I wish I had someone come into my life 20 years ago and tell me how important it is to make the best choices for myself and see the positives that could result from that focus.

As a doctor and corporate executive, I came in with a lot of skepticism about whether hypnosis could work for me. You put me at ease immediately and taught me practical, empowering techniques that really changed the way I react to stressful situations.

I was spellbound without losing any control over myself. It was the bar-none best hypnosis experience I’d ever had.

Her deep grasp of the process and success in the grant-writing world help her quickly identify the most expeditious path forward for a team. She is also a direct, wise editor who will not let your grant go out with flabby reasoning or poor internal logic. I highly recommend working with her if your team is new to grant-writing.

I believe that Simone is a genius. Get her before she blows up like whoa.

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