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Coloring for the Resistance — Black History Month Project

To celebrate Black History Month, I decided to illustrate one inspiring Black woman a day, for the entire month of February 2017.

At the end of the month, I will create a digital, printable coloring book that combines all 28 of the drawings.

You can “purchase” the coloring book with a $15 donation and 100% of raised funds will be donated . 

I will donate half of the final sum to NAACP, and the remaining half to ACLU.

If two hundred of you buy one book each, we will hit our goal of $3000!

You will receive the downloadable file via email by March 5th.

Hope you’ll join me in working to reach this goal!

The twenty-eight women I am illustrating are luminaries in politics, military, sciences and the arts, not to mention activism and philanthropy.

In addition to North Americans, I have also included women from the greater Black diaspora (e.g. Zadie Smith, Felicita “La Prieta” Méndez, Celia Cruz, Nancy Morejón) to celebrate their contribution to Pan-American history.

There are many more extraordinary women I left out, whom I hope to honor in future projects.

Keep up with my progress on Instagram! 

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