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$3,800 goes to NAACP & ACLU

I’ve been procrastinating writing this post because it’s almost been too overwhelming and I don’t know how to begin to talk about it.

Except, well, how about just the basics?

I decided to draw one black woman a day to celebrate Black History Month.

I decided to create a coloring book out of that, and to sell it to raise money for civil rights.

People shared my post hundreds of times. Donations poured in from friends, friends of friends and strangers.

In 27 days, I raised $4,000.

I decided to divide the NAACP donation so that some of it goes toward their acclaimed Legal Defense Fund (as well as a scholarship program within it), which fights to diminish the role of race in criminal justice and democratic systems.




Then my friend said that the WePay fee is bullshit (amen), and decided to match that amount to make a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.





That’s all I got.

Out of words.

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